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Established in 2023, Pee Yeww is a family owned, pet loving, small business that wants to give pet owners their time back. Clients quickly discovered, not only does professional pet waste removal help preserve their time, but it also keeps all the hazardous and potentially dangerous substances found in dog waste away from your home or business.

Pee Yeww services both residential and pet-friendly commercial clients, including apartment complexes, doggy day-cares, hotels and more. Service packages vary!  Up to three visits per week and special event clean up. Careful and consistent pet waste removal will help eliminate the odor, germs and unsightly piles of waste away from homes and properties.

After each visit, pee Yeww is looking to build a strong reputation among the local community. PET and Scoop team safety, quality work,  and fair pricing are our standards. We are proud to work hard for our community to keep it a cleaner environment.

Here at Pee Yeww we believe every pet should be taken care of that's why %10 of all profits will be donated to animal shelters and to specific animal charities within our community to reach one step closer to what we believe.

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